Who am I?

My name is Joey Bowling. I was a journalism student at a little school in the South. I am now a student at Indiana University Bloomington. There, I am studying international studies and journalism. My aspirations are to be a foreign correspondent.

What is the meaning of my URL?

In Victorian times, an ingle was the name of a hearth (basically an old-fashioned fireplace). An inglenook was where the ingle was nestled between two corners. Historically, people told stories around the fire. It only seemed fitting to give my website the name of the place where tales were woven and stories were spun.

Why is this website here?

This project began as an assignment from my advisor. It was a sure-fire way to ensure that I could easily access everything. All of my stories that I’ve written, photos I’ve taken, and designs I’ve created.  As I worked with it, however, it began to change and evolve. It took on a life of its own, becoming less of a dusty archive and more of a place for me to experiment with ideas, to show the world what I’m made of.