Wonder Woman Smashes Expectations

Bullets fly across the screen, deflected by golden gauntlets. People are callously killed in some scenes, in others they are given a touching send off. No movie gives every character depth and expands upon their stories as wonderfully as Wonder Woman. The production is all at once heartwarming and action-packed. Warner Bros. Pictures boasts an […]


I make myself anew in the flames A burning baptism, christened by the fire Cleansed by the inferno, my imperfections washed away -isn’t that why you told me to burn?

Quasi Benevolence

“I’m sorry, but you can fight this urge. If you refuse, however, we will be forced to terminate your volunteer position and your job here at the church.” The hot chocolate emanates warmth through my body. However, a layer of ice is coating my veins, slowly freezing me. The heat’s fight is valiant, but it’s […]